Weekday Diversions

This week was one in which my mental state required ample weekday diversions from thinking about everything that I need to accomplish in the next little while. What fit the bill? How about brunch on Tuesday with my good friend, Suz (who has recently departed DC, also). Also, later in that same day I was able to have dinner with my good friend Erin at Co Co. Sala. Co Co. Sala is a divine place where dinner is just a prelude to the main event, dessert. The way to do it right is to eat one of their small plates (delicious dishes like lamb sliders, tuna tatare) and follow it up with a three course dessert (with the main dessert portion being delicious concoctions they name things like Chocolate Onyx, seen below). If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you can go for the five course dessert.

Sometimes on a Tuesday night that is exactly what one needs.

On Thursday, still feeling a bit stressed, an hour long facial at the Nordstrom Clarins Skin Spa did me right. I know that I have spoken of my intense shallowness when it comes to skin care in the past, but I’ll go even farther in my explanation. When I have a crappy day, the one thing that I can count on is an esthetician to tell me that I have nice skin, and that instantly makes me feel better. Particularly if said esthetician has a lovely French accent. It makes me feel younger and pretty in ways that few things do these days.

Knightley has his own mid-week diversions. For one, sometimes he hangs out in the sink in his bathroom. (Yes, I refer to it now as Knightley’s bathroom and not the guest bathroom. I figure that Knightley gets far more use out of it than guests do. Plus, he loves that room since all of his treats are stored under the sink in there.)

Or he always enjoys a good weekday roll-around. That dog loves to just roll around.

That dog makes me smile in ways that are the best possible remedies for a stressful week.

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