How do I feel today?

If you guessed very, very sad then you would be right. I am so sad, because right now, some of the places I love the most are facing threat of destruction because of our own greed and desire to extract every possible drop of the liquid gold of the earth in the Gulf of Mexico. I am sad because critical ecosystems most likely will be destroyed and countless numbers of endangered species will be lost in Louisiana alone, at the very least. I am sad because the beach that I love above and beyond any other beach in the world is under threat.

We can survive hurricanes. So can sea turtles, shore birds, and pods of whales. However, those species cannot survive oil slicks. They lack the natural instincts to do that. I cannot imagine the white sands of the Gulf Islands National Seashore sullied with oil grit and debris.

It makes me sad, but it also makes me angry. It makes me angry on behalf of all of the sea turtles, birds and even jellyfish that cannot be angry because they will have to fight for survival. The sad thing is, that I am currently a DC resident, those creatures of nature have the same level of voting representation in Congress that I currently have. But that will be changing soon. And you better believe, that one of my future litmus test policy positions will be whether or not a particular politician believes in more offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

One mistake can destroy an ecosystem, Sarah Palin. JUST ONE. One mistake can destroy the livelihood of thousands of people who depend on the coast – fishermen, shrimpers, oyster harvesters, tourism dependants. I would like to ask Sarah Palin and these other politicians just what kind of “Security” offshore drilling brings America when there are millions of people who live along the Gulf Coast today in fear of what is going to happen next. I certainly don’t feel more secure. I just feel sad – more sad, in fact, than I ever felt for a hurricane that threatened destruction, because this is no one’s fault but our own. Entire ecosystems will pay the consequences for our insatiable greed.

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