That Dog Loves Tennis Too

I have already mentioned that tennis is one of our family’s greatest pastimes. Well, it appears Knightley has picked up on the family hobby too. Two of his new favorite games involve tennis balls. Firstly, he loves to go get cans of unopened tennis balls out of my tennis bag. He gets them out, gets the plastic cap off and then knows how to pull the metal tab to unseal the can. After he unseals one can, he goes back to the bag and grabs another can of tennis balls. Secondly, after he has assembled a large stack of tennis balls, he chooses one with which to play. David will put a tiny ballpoint pen mark on the ball and then will throw about 12 balls down the hall as Knightley chases them down. He sniffs around until he finds the tennis ball that has the mark on it (which is the one he was playing with before) and then brings that one ball back to David.
My dog is a genius. Or rather, he just knows how to find his ball. I am just convinced he is a genius dog.

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