Schmelissa is the big 30.

Yesterday, my sister, Schmelissa, as I affectionately refer to her, turned 30 years old. To celebrate that momentous occasion, here are a few of my favorite Schmelissa pictures:

Enjoying Cafe du Monde Beignets:

Beside a giant Snoopy, her childhood constant companion:

Enjoying a fall day in Central Park:

Celebrating with me on my wedding day:

With said childhood companion, Snoopy and her superhero birthday cake (she was the cutest of us all):

How beautiful she looked on her wedding day:

Nips make you strong, Melissa. They sure do:

Chillin’ out on a haystack in Mississippi, talking about the big issues of life:

I can’t think of anyone else in the world with whom I would rather spend some time jumping haystacks and then discussing the meaning of life. Melissa has seen me at my worst and loved me anyway. She is the person from whom I have learned kindness and forgiveness.
Happy birthday, cutie!

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