The Hilton Head Sporting Life

I have delayed these pictures of our other, more athletic, Hilton Head activities for awhile. Each morning began with a couple of hours of tennis (For Sarah, her morning begun two hours before that, as she, even on vacation, ran at least ten miles every day). Fortunately, at this tennis outing, all of us escaped without anyone incurring a significant injury, unlike family tennis matches of past. David and I were just sore and rusty from a long, snowy DC winter with no tennis.

Sarah and Brian, however, were still on top of their games.

Hence, after all was said and done, they were the victors. Even my new tennis dress was not enough to overcome my inconsistent backhand.

Aside from tennis, the other sport that draws vacationers to Hilton Head is golf. Melissa and I did take golf lessons back in our younger days, but since that time, I haven’t played a lick. Sometime in my early law school years I swore off golf as indicative of the white male power hegemony. Since then, my attitudes towards golf have moderated considerably (particularly over hours spent watching golf tournaments with my grandmother, who in her younger days, enjoyed a few rounds of golf at the club with Grampy), but my fear of how terrible my driving shot may now be has not subsided. Thus, the only golf for us on this trip was of the miniature variety.

Not that it mattered much as Brian wiped the floor with the rest of us at mini-golf too. I guess I need to work on my short game as well…

Finally, the weather was just warm enough to enjoy a swim in the heated pools at the resort. Although we did swim some laps, all of us enjoyed a good turn down the waterslide, as Jordan exhibits below:

We had so much fun, I didn’t even mind to lose at all.

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