The Return of Spring

This is what perfect weather in Washington, DC looks like:

It has been that way all weekend, and on walks to the Capitol, Knightley and I have noticed the high school field trips out in force. Those high school students have also noticed Knightley, and one asked me, “Is that the first dog?” I will forgive the fact that the kid doesn’t know a Cocker Spaniel from a Portuguese Water Dog when Knightley does look so important and noteworthy as exhibited below:
Doesn’t he look so well-read and intelligent here sitting in front of the Library of Congress? (After all, he has successfully learned how to roll over on command in the past week)
At the end of a long walk, what Knightley really wants, though, isn’t the prestige that comes from being recognized as pretty important and elegant in appearance by high schools students from Muncie, Indiana; rather, he just wants some shade and cool water, wherever it may be:

Happy Springtime from D.C.!

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