The Feast Before the Fast

This year, to celebrate our anniversary, which was yesterday, David and I went to eat at City Zen at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel here in DC. I made reservations two months ago to ensure that we had a table on a Saturday night, and it was well worth the wait.
I like to document how we look each year on our anniversary. Here we are before we left for dinner:
At the restaurant, by the looks of things in this picture, you would assume it was a rather bland affair.
That is, until you see things from this angle. Aside from David, you get a fantastic view of the dessert course. I had Banana Fritters served with Creme Brulee Ice Cream. David had City Zen’s own “Root Beer Float” which consisted of a sassafras souffle with some amazing vanilla ice cream.

As delicious as the desserts were, the other course were divine as well. I think what I appreciated most was the range of textures for the meal. From a savory panna cotta, to a deliciously light and airy clam chowder souffle cooked in a crepe, to a perfectly tender beef filet, the whole meal was fantastic.
It is a good thing to have enjoyed such a meal. Tomorrow, I am expecting my first Freshology shipment. Yes, for our anniversary, David got me the Freshology Get Slim plan which means that I will be eating delivered meals only for the next few weeks. That may sound awful, but I am actually really excited (except for the fact that eating only 1200 calories a day is going to be a big change for me to deal with at first). The menus look delicious and more than anything, I really need to learn portion control, which is what I am thinking that this meal delivery service will help me learn. If nothing else, then it will enable me to speak more authoritatively about the diet plans of celebrities.
If the food is as delicious as it is supposed to be, then I will finally understand why everyone in Hollywood is supposed to be thin. Basically, it boils down to the fact they they have no excuse if they can afford to eat like this all of the time. (And yes, I realize the fact that I am doing something endorsed by “celebrities” makes me a little bit silly.)
Finally, for good measure, here is a picture of Knightley looking a little scruffy. Why? Well, just because I haven’t shared a picture of him in a while.

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