Water Water Everywhere (Just Maybe Not Enough of the Clean Kind)

In case you don’t have a subscription to National Geographic, let me tell you, the April issue devoted to global water issues is a must read. Every article is interesting and takes me back to Ms. Wagg’s IB Geography class, my Water Law class, or my International Environmental Law class. Excuse me for thinking that water is the most important issue in the world. In my view, there will never be peace in the Middle East and that has more to do with water scarcity than anything else.

The issue features a fantastic issue on the cancer that is Southern California in their overuse of water and the audacity of self-importance that led too many people to live in a place where human beings probably shouldn’t live (or plant tropical plants in their yards, at the very least). Every time I think I might be starting to go soft on Southern California, I read something like this and I am reminded again of all of the arrogance that went into creating that place by stealing other people’s water. I don’t like Roman Polanski, but Chinatown always will hold a special place in my heart for its fictionalized (but based on reality) account of the water stealing history of Los Angeles. I realize this is probably not an issue that I can discuss rationally with other people, but man, it really burns me up and I seethe internally, although these days, rarely voice it externally (I am trying to be nicer to people regardless of whether or not they understand the ramifications of water policy).

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