Baby Showers and Bad Decorations

I am going to divide the remainder of my Hilton Head pictures into two blog posts that describe to large categories of most of what we did in Hilton Head: sporting events and nature. However, one activity (well, besides eating which I also have pictures of) doesn’t really fit either of those categories. While we were there, we decided to have a baby shower for Melissa and Jordan. The above photo shows Melissa enjoying a book I got for the baby at FAO Schwartz in New York, ironically for a book about a tractor. I got the book specifically because I thought my dad would enjoy reading about driving his tractor to his grandson.

We had lots of fun, and Melissa and Jordan enjoyed opening their presents.

That picture above is Melissa receiving an African Lullabies album which actually came courtesy of my good friend Suz who had an extra copy.

What I do not do well is decorate for things. I am a notoriously bad decorator. I can’t even tell you how much energy it took out of me to blow up these balloons.

I realized, that I didn’t have any signage offering congratulations to the parents to be. Therefore capitalizing on this recognition and remembering one of my favorite Dwight moments from an old Office episode, I wrote this:

Only the facts, here folks. That is all I know how to do.

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