Publication Interruption

I am interrupting my Hilton Head coverage, because while I was in Hilton Head, I found out that the article that Amanda and I wrote was accepted for publication into Law Library Journal’s summer issue. So now, the second guessing myself begins. It isn’t like the bar is particularly high to be accepted for publication in the law librarian world. Generally, I am underwhelmed at the quality of what is out there in the law library world. However, I expect that something that I write that is presented in a scholarly format will be of high quality. After re-reading my contributions to our article, I get this nagging feeling like what I wrote is complete crap and at the end of the day, other people will think I am a complete idiot. Of course, it could be that in the law librarian world, the person that I would most like to emulate is Morris Cohen, and the likelihood that I will ever contribute that level of scholarship is pretty low. I just have to do something more worthwhile than the average young law librarian who is more interested in promoting their useless Twitter feed than actually making a contribution to legal research and scholarship.

4 thoughts on “Publication Interruption

  1. It is awesome because of all of your hard work with the tables and statistical analysis & presentation!! My writing part, not so much… but again, you know me well enough to know that I am always second guessing myself on things like this.

  2. Well, here's how I see it: your writing and ideas made the article take shape. Without that, I would not have been able to work my magic. So it's a process and we're a team!

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