Good Food to Eat

Around my house, sometimes Knightley is the one most eager to taste the food I make. I know he sure was a lot more receptive to the pulled pork that I made a few weeks ago than David was (David isn’t a fan of pork, not even if it is Carolina style barbecue, which just hurts my heart). Of course, Knightley also enjoys chewing on plastic, so I don’t interpret his enthusiasm for my cooking to mean anything more significantly about the quality of my cooking. Here, Knightley demonstrates his technique for making his way to the counter where the “sampling” can occur:

Yes, that was chocolate chip cookie dough that he managed to put in his mouth. No, I didn’t let him swallow it. Yes, I fished it out of his mouth. And really no, I didn’t put it back on the backing pan to bake.
Sometimes others enjoy my efforts. This year, the Capitol Hill Ward held the second annual Young Women’s Mardi Gras party, where I made shrimp and sausage gumbo, but more to the Young Women’s delight, lots and lots of beignets.

I don’t know what it is about frying up some dough and putting a little bit of sugar on top that makes it so delicious, but it is a sure fire hit every single time.

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