Vois se pencher les defuntes Annees,

Sur les balcons du ciel, en robes surannees;
Surgir du fond des eaux le Regret souriant

My sophmore year of high school I memorized the Baudelaire poem “Recueillement” from which the above lines come. I thought it was pretty, pensive and brooding, which is basically what I wanted to be my sophomore year of high school. When one is fifteen, one doesn’t really have any sort of understanding of regret that emerges smiling from the sea, but one thinks that one does.

In case you can’t tell, I have come to my French poetry books now in my organization. The process slows now as I re-read all of my old notes in the margins of Twenty Prose Poems and Les Fleurs du Mal while listening to Charlotte Gainsbourg sing.

Sidenote: Jane Birkin was performing somewhere in midtown while we were in NYC. I saw the lines of middle aged women lined up to see their aging style icon, and I thought to myself, I wish Logan Huntzburger would buy me a Birkin bag too.

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