The Return of Snowpocalypse

I have determined that I do not live at a southern enough latitude (in the Northern Hemisphere, of course). I live in a place where it is still entirely possible to snow entirely too much. However, it is far enough south where the panic and paranoia of a forecast of significant snowfall sets in before the snow hits. I don’t mind the panic and paranoia about snow. I will be honest, those are my people. However, I mind the panic and paranoia where it is combined with the real possibility of having to weather out 18 to 30 inches of snow.

The above photo is the view from the back of the checkout line at Harris Teeter last night. It was the longest grocery store line that I ever waited in. By some stroke of fortune, I found a parking place in the garage. By another stroke of luck, I actually located a shopping cart as well. But after that, my luck ran out. When I made it into the store, the contents of the entire store were picked over. My only option of meat that I would actually consume were leg of lamb and a whole organic chicken to roast. It was that or pig entrails, as far as I am concerned. Now ordinarily, I would welcome an opportunity to roast a leg of lamb, but David is stuck in Seattle as his flight back to DC was cancelled. Thus, a leg of lamb seems an awful large meal for a party of one. Once I found my meat products and the expensive eggs and milk that were leftover in the mad rush, I waited in the checkout line for over an hour. It was worse than anything I have seen before a hurricane in Florida.
Anyway, if anyone is interested as to what I will be doing this weekend as I am cooped up alone in my apartment, here is my snowpocalypse to do list:
1. Roast a Leg of Lamb.
2. Work on my Spanish.
3. Get prepared for my class I am teaching this week.
4. Cheer for Peyton Manning.
5. Solo Dance Party in Apartment with the old college “Mardi Gras Party” CD mixes I discovered in my car while stuck in traffic last night (which made being stuck in traffic far more pleasurable than it would have otherwise been).
6. Try to keep Knightley from tearing the place apart from being so bored being cooped up inside the apartment all weekend.
7. Continued reading of my booklist. (I have finished A Bend in the River and have moved on to The Ornament of the World)
7. Contemplate beaches and sunnier days ahead.

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