We all make mistakes

Perhaps it was being cooped up inside all day because of the snow in DC, or perhaps it was because I was so annoyed having found out that I have to serve jury duty and we got audited by the IRS on the same day. Whatever the cause, I saw Avatar last night. That was my mistake.

This is what I have to say. James Cameron has alot of nerve. He has alot of nerve thinking that his “artistry” should take up three hours of my time. The same movie could have been made to be about an hour long and you wouldn’t have missed out on any of the plot. He also has alot of nerve thinking that he can make a movie that theoretically champions the biological sciences while at the same time not getting a single scientific fact right throughout the movie. The most glaring flaw, of course being that, Mr. Cameron does not understand the third grade concept of photosynthesis nor does he understand the periodic table. Somehow, in a world full of trees, the air is poison and void of oxygen (Meanwhile the human beings inhabit a future planet earth that they still call home and manage to live on despite there being “no green things.” I am not sure where the oxygen is coming from in that world, because the air should be poison there). Then, humans are in this fantastical, mythical planet to find some made-up mineral that doesn’t exist on the periodic table, as if the very notion of molecules is different in this strange place.

And we wonder why Americans are such scientific idiots these days. Apparently, even the Hollywood “champions” of science and nature are intent on ruining it because they don’t understand it.

Don’t even get me started on the ridiculous plot, terrible dialogue and the unsympathetic native people. I didn’t see one cute and fuzzy thing worth saving on that wretched planet. Even the animals looked ridiculous.

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