A Very Shallow, Anticipatory Packing List

This is one of those shallow posts that I try to avoid but on occasion, I fall into the trap. Yesterday, I went shopping and found two perfect vacation dresses from the Gap, a store that I haven’t purchased anything from in years. However, the anticipation of future vacations planned and in the planning stage have me thinking about nothing else but about packing lists and fantasizing about warmer climates than this far too cold DC winter. Our first trip that we have planned is to NYC for President’s Day weekend, which won’t satisfy my craving for warmer climates, but I am counting down the days until our trip to Hilton Head in March. Until then, I will just have to satisfy myself with my packing list for a warmer climate.

This list will also serve as list of things that anyone can purchase for me if there are any upcoming holidays that proper etiquette requires a gift be given; like Valentines Day, or an Anniversary, I am looking at you, David.

Here is one of the dresses I bought from the Gap (that spurred this indulgent, consumer-oriented excess) – perfect to layer, wear around town, and for packing light:

Last year I didn’t buy a new swimsuit, so dissatisfied was I with my physical appearance. This year, I hope the healthy eating and the exercise will motivate me to purchase a new one, and this Gottex swimsuit, in the most recent Nordstrom catalog is the one that caught my eye:

Usually I purchase cheap sunglasses, because I cannot justify spending money on something that I know that I will probably just lose. However, my last semi-expensive pair of sunglasses lasted for two years before I lost them, which more than quadrupled my previous sunglasses usability time. At that rate, I can justify these $85 Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses, because they should last me eight years.

Lastly, when I saw these Sperry Top-siders in the January Nordstrom catalog, I thought to myself, now those are the perfect Hilton Head shoes. I also thought they might be good walking shoes for Andalusia in May. And if not, I will fully be prepared for any yachting emergencies that I might encounter.

Now I realize that wanting a pair of topsiders officially makes me 200 years old. That is okay, I am perfectly fine with being unhip and uncool. And I have always been slightly out of touch with my own age group.

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