A Plea: Spare Me From Future Rent Increases!!

I know that I am the epitome of cool and all, but seriously why is that after I move somewhere, it always becomes more expensive to live there? Now, it is possibly more expensive to live in DC than in New York. This now probably ensures that our apartment rent is poised to go up dramatically when July comes and our lease term is up. I am not looking forward to that.

People, don’t move to DC. Stop it. The traffic sucks and I am tired of it taking two extra hours to leave or enter the city while I am stuck on 95 trying to spend a weekend in North Carolina. Now if you make my rent even higher by your insistence on moving here, then I am really not going to be happy.

Just think about how you won’t be able to vote if you live here except for an ineffective city government that is the biggest waste of bureaucracy ever. You will have no say in national politics with your vote. Then think about how frightened you are by the threat of crime, even though the likelihood is that you have never lived in a place that has significant crime. But you are afraid of the possibility of it, and therefore DC should be frightening to you. I am talking to you, earnest college graduate, who expects to subsidize the ridiculously low wages that you will be paid by working on Capitol Hill by getting your parents to pay your $2,000 a month apartment rent. Don’t move here! Turn around. I am sure Omaha or Detroit or San Francisco needs you.

Granted, I haven’t lived here that long, so who am I to judge, but the fact here is that I live here now, so I call dibbs.

2 thoughts on “A Plea: Spare Me From Future Rent Increases!!

  1. This makes me very sad being faced with the reality that you and Suz are moving.And David is so picky, I don't know if we will ever be able to find a house that we both are willing to purchase.

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