Aspirational Eating

If I could eat a Mediterranean Salad from the Nordstrom Cafe every single day for lunch, I think I would do just fine. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to take the Metro over to Pentagon City every day for lunch.

This isn’t any sort of “Lifestyle Blog” that tells other people what they should try to eat, buy, make, decorate, wear, etc. because so little in my life would most people wish to emulate. I may subscribe to the Gwyneth Paltrow Goop Newsletter because I am fascinated by the array of diet “cleansing” options available to insecure women these days (myself included), but the likelihood that I will eat at one of the restaurants she recommends in Barcelona is pretty low. Frankly, it is too exhausting to even try to keep up with everything that his hip and cool these days. Plus, I will be honest; I don’t know anything about where to buy cutesy homemade things and don’t have the patience to search a website like Etsy. I am still trying to keep strong on my boycott of goods made in China and that takes enough of my smart shopping efforts (my new camera was made in Vietnam, which was a close enough call). What I write here is for illustrative purposes only and should in no way be construed as advice given to any other person. This merely reflects my taste and preferences, both actual and aspirational.

That being said, I am trying to eat healthier this year. After the December sugar near-overdose from the dessert party, I have been off sugar for awhile and plane to stay off of it awhile longer. We are planning a trip to Southern Spain, Gibraltar and possibly Morocco for later in the spring and the anticipation for that has me hooked on olive oil and spices. Monday night I made Moroccan-spiced sea scallops and lentils for dinner (Moroccan spiced means a combination of cinnamon, cumin, and coriander; Why is it that all of the best spices start with C?) and that kind of flavor is what I want to use as a substitute for sugar and carbs. I made some fantastic eggplant Parmesan last night, which maybe wasn’t as good for the fewer carbs idea, but was delicious nonetheless. I can’t reiterate this enough and this might be one of those times that I stray over to the advice side of things, but oven “frying” (brushing a hot baking sheet with light oil and then placing your breaded eggplant on it) your eggplant instead of pan frying it makes all the difference (and this is advice that I only pass along if you don’t already know this from America’s Test Kitchen).

I do not write this to point out that I am cooler or know more than anyone else (which may be the purpose behind some of these other blogs that I think are designed to make others feel inadequate for their lack of creative talents), but as a way of publicly reminding myself that I have pledged to eat healthier this year. Therefore, people who read this are allowed to publicly mock and shame me if they see me indulging in cupcakes, french fries or other less than healthy treats. Most distressingly, this may mean fewer indulgences at Chick-fil-A (only on roadtrips, and no waffle fries!).

On the exercise front, I have to admit, I kind of love the pain that accompanies a really great workout, or waking up sore the next morning after a good workout. Appreciation for that kind of pain could benefit me for when I am wearing a swimsuit, hopefully, on the Costa del Sol.

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