I am not on the forefront of technological revolutions. In fact, many new technologies I shun and despise based on principle. It isn’t one of my loveliest features. I refuse to give in to an iPhone. In fact, I refuse to even give in to a cell phone whose purpose is anything more than to be a phone (just ask the AT&T who made fun of me for the fact). I don’t text as a general matter of principle. I find that most technology that is allegedly supposed to make our lives more convenient and easy actually just makes our lives more expensive and stressful. For example, yesterday the Young Women’s presidency at church was trying to plan out the teaching and activities schedule next month through email and a Google calendar. It was an annoying waste of time when we could just have met for fifteen minutes to plan it rather than waste three hours back and forth on email. That is just my opinion on the matter, which I will freely offer up, I might add.

Nonetheless, there comes a time when I will upgrade. Namely, I will upgrade when I find that something new has some advantage over the old. Well here are the advantages to my two new gadgets: size. David gave me one of those Flip HD recorders for Christmas (which is how I made that video recording that I posted a few days ago). It is tiny and it fits into my pocket. I purchased a new Nikon Cool Pix Camera with the Best Buy gift card that my mother gave me for Christmas because it is smaller than my old digital camera. That was my reasoning (and I should note, that my reasoning is as silly, as flawed and as subject to scrutiny as the average person who insists they need an iPhone). I was tired of a bulky camera taking up valuable space when I travel. It turns out, it takes better pictures too. As usual, Knightley was my model as I tested it out.

I told him, “Give me distinguished!”

I followed that up with “Give me earnest and hopeful!”

Next, I asked Mr. Knightley to give me somber and wistful:

He had no problem turning in a heartbeat when I then commanded, “Give me playful!”

Mr. Knightley is such a good model and eager to make use of technology.
I should add, the reasoning about wanting new cameras because they are small doesn’t apply to all technology as a general rule. People have counseled me that I should desire an e-book reader because it takes up less space than all of my books. I look at these people with scorn in my eyes. They may like such a device but I want to feel the pages that I turn; I want to write in the margins and contemplate organization schemes for storing my books so that I may quickly pull one out for reference at some future point in time. I want to dream of having a personal book collection to rival the Stone Library at Peacefield. And besides, without books, I wouldn’t know how to decorate a room, as I have stated before.

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