The Obligatory DC Snow Pictures

How do you feel about snow? To be perfectly honest, I loathe it. I may have spent seven years in Utah refining my snow driving skills and two years in New York improving my walking in stilettos through the snow skills, but there is nothing that I find a greater inconvenience than snow. DC received a legendary amount of snow on Saturday, and I was forced to go out in the height of the blizzard to work the reference desk at the library. This in spite of the fact that there were a total of three students in the library. One, two, three.

As the blizzard was waning later in the evening, I agreed to venture outside again with David and our friends Matt and Erin. The snow was still falling on Capitol Hill but we were on a mission: to find a good sledding hill. Or rather, should I say, they were on a mission, as sledding is one of those snow activities that I do not do (like skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, or anything else that may have the word snow in it). I just wanted to see if I was capable still of walking in that much snow. I also figure that I should try to get used to snow since we are going to see David’s family in Utah for Christmas and I hear that they have tremendous amounts of snow there already.

It was still snowing as we approached the Capitol, casting an eerie glow on the building, or perhaps it was just illuminating the nefarious wheeling and dealing that was taking in place inside of that building at that very hour…

We attempted photos by the House office buildings. Since the House is already on recess, it was pretty deserted.

As far as sledding goes, Erin and Matt had purchased some bizarre sledding contraption on their recent trip to Switzerland. We first tried it out on the hill on Independence Avenue. Alas, it was not steep enough and we were stopped by a Capitol Policeman who warned us of the dangers of sledding on an icy road.

We then moved on to a much steeper hill on SE New Jersey Avenue. It had already been packed from a few adventurous sledders earlier in the day and was perfect for our needs. I even tried it once, but just once, as anything involving racing downhill on ice terrifies me. Here is Erin showcasing how it is done.

The next day in the light of the sun, we decided to venture out again, this time with Knightley. Knightley did not enjoy the wind that blew his ears back as exhibited below.
He wasn’t a big fan of being thrown out into the powder snow either. It was too deep and too powdery to hold his weight so he had to swim along until he found freedom in a plowed sidewalk.

Where the snow had been packed down, Knightley enjoyed the snow much more. He liked to spread completely out on the snow and ponder its frigidity.
Or he didn’t mind posing for a picture with David in front of the Capitol.
This is my favorite picture that I took of the Capitol that day, by the way. The sky was so blue which was a welcomed change after two days of snow.

On our walk, we also passed the seat of our forgotten about third branch of government. Here is the Supreme Court building (I figure it is probably time that I post some actual pictures of other famous DC buildings). For next year, Knightley has voiced that he wants to be Justice Stevens for Halloween.

Here is the Capitol Christmas Tree. Imagine Nancy Pelosi wishing you happy Holiday tidings as you look at this picture.

Merry Christmas from Washington, DC!

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