Best Reminder of the Week

The LDS First Presidency issued this statement on The Mormon Ethic of Civility. I love this reminder that we could all stand to be a little more civil in our interactions with others. I know I need that reminder sometimes and in many instances, should tone down my rhetoric (even if it is just in writing). The fact is, nothing is accomplished from talking in extremist language, it only alienates other people. To be perfectly honest too, that idea of talking from the extremes is one of the reason that I left the practice of law. After spending too much time in a courtroom where you are paid to argue zealously for your position, I realized that the best solution was always a middle ground, not the winner take all solution that litigation generally promotes. Though there are still things in this world that make me feel very upset and a keen sense of injustice, I agree so strongly with this part of the statement that is a quote from Robert D. Hales:

“Some people mistakenly think responses such as silence, meekness, and bearing humble testimony are passive or weak. But, ‘to love [our] enemies, bless them that curse [us], do good to them who hate [us], and persecute [us]’ (Matthew 5:44) takes faith, strength, and most of all, Christian courage.”
**After I originally posted this entry, the church website posted this great article today on journalistic integrity. It singled out NPR as a news orginization that has gone above and beyond in separating opinion from fact journalism pieces. Everything on my blog is pretty much pure opinion, but as a librarian, researcher, and general lover of knowledge, there is nothing that is nearer to my heart than sources that can be trusted to produce and rely upon facts.

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