To See, a List

It is the good time of year for movies, and although I doubt any movie will top The Fantastic Mr. Fox on my film of the year list, I would like to keep an open mind. Here are some movies opening soon that I am particularly happy to see:

1. Invictus – South Africa post-Apartheid, Nelson Mandela, Matt Damon + sports (remember, I am an admitted sports fan now); Seriously, this is like the best of all possible worlds colliding. (Note: I also really liked AO Scott’s review in the New York Times today and his ability to place this film in the context of Eastwood’s larger body of work dealing with the theme of vengeance.)

2. The Lovely Bones – So the reviews aren’t the best, but I still want to see how Peter Jackson handles the weighty subject matter of this film.

3. Up in the Air – David wanted to see this last weekend, but it was sold out (I will refrain from mentioning what we saw instead). David travels all the time for work, so I think this appeals to him on that level, and I was apathetic about seeing it, until I clicked on the official website and the first words I saw were “How much does your life weigh?”, which reminded me of this ongoing obsession that I have about lightness and weight (Note: that post reminds me of my whole needing to improve the proofreading pledge).

4. The Young Victoria: This movie stars Emily Blunt, that guy that played Mr. Wickham in the Kiera Knightley Pride and Prejudice, and a host of other British actors who have been in Jane Austen adaptations. I am a well known sucker for British period pieces, but throw in a historical tale about a British Queen, and I will be lining up for opening day tickets. I don’t know what it is that makes the long-ruling female British monarchs so much better than the male ones, but it is probably closely related to what it is that makes modern day female politicians so much better than their male counterparts.

Notably, I have no interest in Avatar. It looks creepy, weird and the last James Cameron movie was such an epic waste of time, I don’t have any desire to repeat that experience, regardless of whatever those film critics may try to persuade me to do.

One thought on “To See, a List

  1. I know you're talking about new movies, but we don't see many new movies these days, so I am going to suggest a new to DVD movie. Don't know if you had a chance to catch the movie Julie and Julia. We just rented it and loved it. We think you would enjoy it too. PS – I also have no desire to see Avatar.

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