To Improve, A List

1. Proofreading and editing my own writing: There is nothing that I detest more. I suffer from ADD and reading back something I just wrote bores me to death. Instead, I read back over something years later to discover what a nightmare of grammar and syntax I have wrought upon the world.

2. Ironing: I used to be an obsessive ironer, and then one day, I just stopped. Several years later, I realized I hadn’t ironed anything in years. I realized that if something wasn’t dry cleaned, then it wasn’t getting ironed. I have been a wrinkled mess since I moved away from New York City. Perhaps this is something else I can blame on Seattle.

3. Visitation history of Civil War battlefields: When I was an intern in DC the last thing I wanted to do on a Saturday afternoon was witness a battle reenactment. Maybe I still could care less about reenactments, but I do need to make it to Gettysburg. And maybe, if I am feeling particularly historical, then I can visit Vicksburg when I am home sometime. In the past year, I learned that I have ancestors who lost their lives in those two engagements (Gettysburg – Robert Boyd of the 23rd NC Infantry Regiment; Vicksburg – David Hillman of the 3rd Mississippi Infantry Battalion).

4. Keeping my mouth shut: a life long effort; My Sisyphean struggle.

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