That Casual, Anything Goes State of Being

I did forget bringing my camera to Mississippi, as I mentioned. However, even though they live in the country, my parents aren’t total Luddites. So I was able to snap a few good pictures courtesy of my mom’s digital camera. The following pictures display what I love so much about my trips to Mississippi. I can forget who is watching and act silly without regard for what that might do to my reputation. It is a nice antidote to carefully guarded public images so common in Washington.

Here are a few exhibits of just how fun this can be.
Exhibit A: Joking around the fire pit at night. Not only was the fire a source of warmth and Smores, but it always takes me back to those college campfire days and boisterousness seems to follow.
Exhibit B: Setting up the new Lobster tennis machine on the driveway. A great way to work out some stress is by repeatedly hitting tennis balls with just the right amount of spin.

Here is David getting ready for a round of volleys, with Knightley anxiously prepared to chase down shots.

And here is Knightley eying Jordan’s bounty of tennis balls being returned to the machine.

Exhibit C: Fun with dogs.

Although you cannot tell from Knightley’s face in this picture he loved riding piggy back. He loved it (Arguably, you can state that this is the point in time in which I have fully lost my mind).

No explanations are required for describing how happy two dogs can be tearing into the wrapping paper of early Christmas gifts.

Having had so much fun with the silliness in Mississippi, and to cheer Knightley up from his post-return from the country funk, in the evenings, Knightley and I have been taking walks to the Capitol Building. Once there, on the Senate side lawns, we run, skip, leap, prance, and otherwise have fun playing in the cool grass. The Capitol Hill staffers leaving work for the day look at us like we are crazy, but the sad part is, I think what Knightley and I do is probably the most sane part of what takes place on Capitol Hill.

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