Doggie Daycare Webcam Revelations

Knightley’s doggie day care now has a web cam where you can watch your dog from the comfort of your office from the hours of 12-3 pm EST. I watched Knightley and I learned that while he is away from us, he doesn’t play as much as I thought he would. Instead, he hovers close to whatever human is present, always keeping an eye on the “adult” in the room. The other dogs play and wrestle with each other and Knightley keeps one eye on the human and the other on the door. Anytime it opens, he rushes over to it. It makes me understand why he is so excited when I come pick him up. He really must miss me during the day.
I had another sensation as I watched Knightley on the webcam from a distance of 12 blocks. I thought to myself, this is what God must feel like. It may sound ridiculous, but as I watched Knightley, I found myself suggesting out loud that he stand up and play, or warning him “Stop jumping on the person!” When I saw a couple of bigger dogs who were wrestling with each other come close to Knightley, I found myself getting worried and wanting to tell Knightley to be careful. I logically know that Knightley cannot hear me, but it doesn’t keep me from wanting to warn him. Maybe I just feel like that Knightley should sense that I am watching him, looking out for him, and worrying for him even though I am not physically there.
I know it sounds corny, but because of a webcam, I think I understand the Divine a little bit better today. How our Heavenly Father must love us and how hard it must be for Him to be this separated from all of us, only able to watch us and hope that we can sense that He is there.

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