Model United Nations

When I was in high school, there was nothing I liked more than a good Model United Nations tournament. Whether I was representing Djibouti or Brazil, I was going to make my voice heard, regardless of the feelings of those representing the United States, China or one of those other traditional powers. So I can understand how Gaddafi felt, excited that he finally had the chance to put it all on the line at the UN.

And put it all on the line he did – from calling out the permanent members of the security council as the terror council, tearing up the UN Charter, alledging the Swine Flu was born in a military laboratory for weapons purposes, chiding the delegates for being “tired”, or heaping praises on President Obama (who Gaddafi feels should be the U.S.’s “President for Life”), Gaddafi took no prisoners in his 100 minute address before the UN.

This speech, of which I only could find a 10 minute excerpt, should serve as a model for all future MUNers who want to know how to make their point heard and be remembered. Who cares if you are being remembered for crazy….

Of course, this is coming from a man who also filed a motion at the UN to abolish Switzerland… (see story at

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