My Little Bubby

I love my pup, or as I call him, “my little bubby” and cannot imagine how my life would be without him at this point. He waits for me by the door when I get home from work and is always excited to see me. In other words, he is exactly the kind of pet that people want to have when they get a dog. People fall in love with him as soon as they meet him. Today, while I was waiting to pick him up from getting groomed, I overheard some other people there talking about how beautiful Knightley is, with one woman comparing him to the show Cocker Spaniels that her mother raised. Yes, he is beautiful (even though the fix is in and he will never be Pet of the Month in our building because of some ridiculous politicking) but what makes him a great pet is that every day without fail, he makes me smile and laugh and he shows me that he appreciates me.
Those are all the upsides to pet ownership. But before you rush out and try to find a dog as cute as my little Knightley, let me warn you, dogs don’t come cheap; particularly social, happy city dogs. And keeping them healthy is no easy task either. Here is a list of vet visits Knightley has had in his 10 short months of being alive:
1. Puppy shot visits – these are to be expected with any new pet and keeping current vaccinations is an absolutely necessity. After the multiple round of puppy vaccinations, once yearly boosters are needed.
2. Neutering – an absolute must for most city dogs. Most doggie daycares and boarding facilities require it. Not to mention the fact that if you intend on taking your dog to a dogpark, it certainly
helps for socialization.
3. Repair of neutering stitches and infection – Knightley pulled his stitches out. So, he required an emergency trip to the Pet Hospital one evening at about 11:30 pm. Not a cheap night.
4. A cold that I COMPLETELY overreacted to – Knightley did not need to go to the vet for this. I got crazy and worried. He was fine. Dogs get colds all the time, like people do, particularly when dogs spent alot of time around other dogs like Knightley does at doggie daycare.
5. A nasty “hotspot” on his forehead – A “hotspot” is a place on a dog’s skin where he can’t stop scratching, or biting, or licking and gets rubbed raw. Knightley needed to go to the vet for his, if, for no other reason, so that he could be prescribed a topical antibiotic. It cleared up and now looks great.
6. Cherry eye – A common ailment for many Cockers, Knightley’s gland under his third eyelid on his left eye popped out. He is getting it repaired next Wednesday. Not a cheap procedure, but hopefully, it will fix the problem and he won’t suffer from dry eye for much of his life which would be even more costly.
7. Tapeworm – I diagnosed this problem myself, took a stool sample to the vet, and was given the medication for him to take. It was one dose only to clear up and kill the tapeworm. Knightley again probably was exposed to this problem from hanging around other dogs or licking everything, because I know for a fact that he doesn’t have fleas because I spend alot of money on flea preventatives and I haven’t seen a flea on him. Strangely, when I was a kid I always thought that it might be kind of a neat thing to have a tapeworm (yes, I was a strange child), and now, my dog is the one that had to deal with it. He didn’t seem to mind or be affected by it too much, but I am sure that his tummy feels alot better now that the tapeworm is gone.
Add in the additional costs of doggie daycare, grooming, food, toys, and everything else and my little Knightley has not been a cheap addition to the family. But he has absolutely been worth more than every penny spent. Right now, as I am typing this, he plays with a ball, dropping it in my lap for me to throw it. I comply, and he leaps over my lap (including my laptop sitting on my lap) to chase the ball. He drops it, then nuzzles his head in my lap. My sweet bubby.

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