Good Skincare Begins with Me

I have said it before – I am obsessed with skincare products. This summer, I have found some new favorites to keep my skin smooth and protected. Clear, smooth skin makes me giddy.

Pumpkin Enzyme Peel, from Naturopathica: This product is recommended for “dull, congested, acneic skin”. While breakouts have never been a problem of mine, I loved the way my skin glowed after the anesthetist used this product on me for a facial I had at the Terreanea Resort in California. I was hooked on the tingling sensation, the pumpkin puree aroma, and the dewey, smooth results after so I took some home with me after my facial. It has been recommended by both Harpers Bazaar and the New York Times.

Dermatologist Solutions Line-Reducing, Eye-Brightening Concentrate, from Kiehl’s: It is so challenging to find a moderately priced eye-cream that actually takes care of business around my eyes, where my face shows most of its signs of aging. Kiehl’s has done the job here, and by including Vitamin C in their fomula, it puffs up my fine lines and gives me results that I can actually see in the mirror. And since sleep has been a problem for me lately, this eye cream has done miracles for simulating a good night around my eyes, so that although I may feel tired 95% of the time, I don’t look it.

UV Day Screen Plus, High Protection, Clarins: I am a Clarins girl when it comes to most of my skin care routine. I love most of their products. But during the summer, it becomes even more apparent that daily UV protection is extremely important to prevent aging. And that is why every day, after mosturizing, I add a layer of Day Screen Plus, offering SPF 40 of protection. It is light, it never feels heavy or greasy, and it goes directly over any kind of mosturizer that you may use. And it is the most important part of what I put on my face every day. The best part is that I feel protected all day.

Those + plenty of water = my favorite skincare treats.

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