Gazpacho: A Summer Postlude

Gazpacho has been declared to be the food of the summer by the Today Show. This I heard last night after declaring Gazpacho to be my favorite food part of this summer to David. I was a little disappointed that the Today Show declared this trend before me. There is something so rewarding about a cold vegetable soup. And it is so versatile. I made some delicious gazpacho this summer. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot just throw a variety of vegetables (and most importantly, tomatoes), in a food processor and call it good if you want really great gazpacho. It takes a little more. I like making mine a day before I plan to serve it and letting the flavors mellow together.

Even though I wasn’t the first to spot this trend, I happily will take part in it. If you are in DC sometime in the waning summer weeks, try the gazpacho at one of these three locales. You will not be disappointed.

Leopold’s Kafe: 3318 M Street NW; The gazpacho here featured watermelon, which wasn’t as overwhelming to the rest of the soup as I thought it might be. It offered a little bit of sweetness right before the gazpacho slid down your throat, and was a great palate cleanser.

Zola: 800 F Street NW; Zola’s gazpacho starter also offered a little bit of sweetness from melons. But they fancied their gazpacho up a little bit by using heirloom tomatoes and serving their delightful blend in a martini glass. The gazpacho was a lovely golden color when served.

Art and Soul: 415 New Jersey Ave. NW; This restaurant is a hop, skip and a jump from the Georgetown Law School, which also means that it is a great neighborhood restaurant for Capitol Hill. If you can forgive the fact that this place is owned by Oprah’s former personal chef, and I can, then you will be rewarded with a delectable array of Southern inspired dishes. Their gazpacho starter offers a little more kick to it than the others I have described. That little bit of heat offers such a delicious contrast to the coolness of the soup. And it gets my taste buds ready for the hoe cakes which come next.
Here David and I are before dining at Art and Soul on Saturday night (The gazpacho was a nice sunny antidote to the rainy weather too.):

And on a note unrelated to gazpacho deliciousness, here is a picture of my fun hair accessory I purchased earlier in the day. To relate this to gazpacho, the color of the hair accessory was about the color of the gazpacho at Zola.

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