What Mr. Knightley Did On His Summer Vacation

Mr. Knightley has been slightly cross with me since we have returned home. It seems that he is upset that I have not yet posted the pictures of all of the fun that he had on his trip home (He is a Mississippi native after all). I asked him if he would like to narrate the following series of pictures to describe the fun that he had. He replied absolutely not, as he believes that narration in the third person is much more formalistic, and therefore more proper.

So here are some highlights from his trip.

Mr. Knightley spent an extraordinary length of time in various automobiles. I say various, because in addition to riding in mine, he also rode in both my father’s truck and my mother’s car. Here he is in Dad’s truck, exhibiting the great deal of patience that he maintained throughout his car rides.
On the way down to Mississippi, we stopped at Grammy’s in North Carolina which gave Mr. Knightley time to inspect and approve of Grammy’s hydrangea bush.

When we finally arrived in Mississippi, Knightley was quickly reacquainted with his old best friend, Ralphe the Great.

They wasted no time at all catching up and picking up their friendship right where they left off after the winter holidays. Some friendships are like that.

Mr. Knightley also quickly resumed his position as a respectable country gentleman canine.

Here he is inspecting the fields and gardens, making sure that all crops meet his rigorous standards.

Mr. Knightley also enjoyed visiting my old hometown, Pensacola, Florida and walking along the bay.

Of course, this trip to Pensacola also proved challenging for a city dog, unfamiliar with muggy days along the Gulf Coast. He cooled himself in sprinklers along the way.

This taste of the joys of water was just the beginning for Mr. Knightley. Here is where his vacation really began. He discovered the joys of swimming (and thus, officially became a Street) at Dog Beach on Bayou Texar.

Hesitant at first, Mr. Knightley ultimately succumbed to the refreshment of head to toe wetness, and realized that when soaked in water, he bore some resemblance to a harbor seal.

The wonderful new adventure in H2O was a life-altering moment for Mr. Knightley. On our return trip to Lake Norman, he was no longer content to simply pace dockside.

Rather, once again, he felt it necessary to wade straight in.

In Mr. Knightley’s words, “A very refreshing vacation, indeed.”

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