Contemplating a Different Kind of Wedding Dress

The first weekend in August, we are going to California to go to the wedding of Lauren and Carl. For your typical wedding reception, I will pull a dress out of my closet and not think twice about it. The last wedding I went to was my sister’s, and I did obsess about finding a good dress for it, but not at all to the extent to which I am obsessing now.

Why the obsession? I don’t know. Maybe I haven’t been feeling so pretty lately so I want a lovely dress to cheer me up. Maybe it is because I only want to buy dresses anymore, so finding the right dress that is even more special and appropriate for a wedding is all the more difficult, because most dresses seem like I would wear them every day. Maybe it is because the wedding is in Southern California, and it is hard to find a good dress that is both beautiful and something that a 30 year old Mormon girl can get away with and still look hot.

The most beautiful dresses that I have found so far are slightly above my price range. My birthday is coming up, but I think these would require being the combined birthday present for my next few birthdays.

But for a moment, let me just think how lovely it would be to walk in wearing one of the following:

This one is my favorite from Proenza Schouler, there are many things that I probably would do for this dress –

And then there is this lovely little Narciso Rodriguez number –

Of course, there always has to be a Zac Posen making the short list as well –

The last dress is a Burberry dress that might actually be on the edge of affordability, and I might consider its delicate folds and lovely color –

Sigh. There is my permitted wandering into the realm of materialism for the week.

3 thoughts on “Contemplating a Different Kind of Wedding Dress

  1. yay!!! you blog!!!leslie, you have such good taste in dresses! love all four, but the proenza schouelr gets my vote!! especially if you get it in august and get to have it around for fall! it is breathtaking!

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