Remember Pensacola

This year, Pensacola is celebrating its 450th anniversary of the first European Settlement in what is now the United States. Yep, it is older than Jamestown. It is older than St. Augustine too, thanks for asking. To commemorate the anniversary, a number of events are taking place throughout the year. I will be missing all of those events. I am particularly sad that I have already missed the Reenactment of the Battle of Pensacola, from the Revolutionary War, staged by the Sons of the American Revolution (That resulted in the surrender of British Florida, for those of you who, unlike me, didn’t spend your high school years volunteering for Historic Pensacola). I am going to Pensacola with my Mom and Dad when I go to visit them in a couple of weeks, but we will just miss seeing the third largest tall ship in the world visit the Port of Pensacola. But here is something crazy that I didn’t even know I was missing at the time. In February, His Majesty King Juan Carlos I and Her Majesty Queen Sofia of Spain visited Pensacola. Apparently, the Spanish monarchy just doesn’t get the media play that the British monarchy does when they visit America to commemorate that not as old of a settlement known as Jamestown.

I miss you Pensacola.

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