Are you keeping up with your British Kenyan aristocrats?

I know that I am not the only one out there who has been following the case of Hugh Cholmondeley, recently convicted of the manslaughter of a Kenyan poacher on his property. Kenya waited today on baited breath to see what his sentence would be. Mr. Cholmondeley will someday be Lord Delamere. His great-grandfather was the famed Lord Delamere, early settler of Kenya.

His sentence – eight months. This has caused massive Masai protests in Kenya. However, the wife of the victim has stated that she has forgiven him. Everyone can agree that this case has certainly unearthed emotions regarding large landowners and what many see as the inequitable remnants of colonialism.

You can watch the sentencing here –

Or you can watch this news report about the verdict if you are up on your Swahili –

My thoughts about this? Conflicted. For many reasons.

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