Everyone is a Scientist…OR Not

Jenny McCarthy, former Playboy playmate turned autism activist believes that vaccines play a causal role in children developing autism. She has been on this crusade for quite some time, taking on actual scientists. The bizarre thing is that with no scientific evidence on her side, she has commanded media attention enough to spout off her ridiculously unsubstantiated opinion. In fact, now, apparently Oprah herself is giving little bunny Jenny the forum to continue her rant. Because of this kind of unsubstantiated rant, now rich people across Southern California are refusing to vaccinate their children. The paranoia is so extreme that people would rather risk their children, and others with whom they come into contact, contracting serious preventable diseases because of this ridiculous PR campaign where some celebrity links autism with vaccinations.

I passed some homeless guy on the street the other day who was raving mad that the DC Council had voted to recognize same sex marriages performed in other states. He was screaming that now that DC has approved this, people wouldn’t have babies anymore. It is too bad he isn’t a former Playboy Playmate. He might get some Larry King facetime to express this view over the public airwaves and cause more hysteria.

My point is this, the supposed “educated” classes of people are constantly making fun of say, the Bush Administration, and those people who voted that administration into office for declaring a “war on science.” I agree with them. A war on science is bad. So why do these same types of elites think that it is okay to turn around and refute actual scientific evidence when they don’t agree with it? Is it only a selective war on science that they are concerned about?

I am not a scientist. I wish I was sometimes. I wanted to be a virologist. Or a geneticist. But the fact is, I didn’t want to take organic chemistry. I was lazy. However, my sisters are harder workers than I am and did brave Organic Chemistry to be card carrying members of the scientific community. I know how brilliant they are. Therefore, I will trust their opinions, and those who completed actual schooling like they did, above Jenny McCarthy’s anyday. If only Oprah FREAKING Winfrey would do the same, since she has the ear of America, as I do not.

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