This I Believe

Since the election ended, I have really stopped posting overtly political things. Well, when I say “stopped”, I really mean, significantly scaled back my posting of political things. The fact of the matter is, I have done so because when it comes to politics these days, I have loyalties to neither person nor party. Frankly, that is because there is no party that aligns itself with the things I believe. And politicians these days are all basically hacks. That isn’t to say that politicians being hacks is a new development. It probably has always been that way, it is just now I no longer believe in party ideology. But what I can say is that I believe in the following:

1. I believe that you don’t solve the problem of debt by creating more debt if you are either a person or a government. Eventually, you are going to have to pay up, and unless you can be honest with taxpayers, and tell them straightforwardly that they are going to have to pay these costs at some point in time, then you shouldn’t entertain the notion as your policy. It is insincere to tell them that only the top 5% of wealth earners can pay for the follies of the other 95% of Americans. And it doesn’t add up to think that you can only tax these people to pay for every significant social program that you want to create in the future.

2. I don’t think our economy is ready for cap and trade. Nope. In fact, I can’t think of a worse time to institute cap and trade policies. It would be one thing if alternative energy sources were readily available and the government wasn’t in tremendous debt and was able to actually afford to subsidize things like new nuclear power plants, solar and wind energy (plus the completely new energy transmission system that would be required to move the places that could produce solar and wind energy to the places that consume energy). But we don’t. And the fact is, what the Obama administration doesn’t want to tell the American public, and what the opposition has done a poor job articulating, is that cap and trade really equals a huge tax on energy consumption that will ultimately be borne by all Americans. Household energy bills will increase dramatically as well the cost of all consumer goods. And of course, this will effect people with lower incomes the most who can’t afford to have their fixed monthly expenditures rise this much. And if what is left of American manufacturing his to pay these costs, then inevitably, unemployment in this sector will rise astronomically.

3. This brings me to my next point – why are people so afraid of nuclear energy? Seriously. Maybe I am not because my grandfather felt so confident about the safety of nuclear energy that he bought land and built a house less than five miles away from the nuclear power plant in North Carolina that he helped to design and that my uncle has been an engineer at that same nuclear power plant for over 30 years. Never once when I have visited my grandmother there have I felt unsafe. Sure there is the storage issue, that has to be dealt with, but if we were a little more like the French, then we could reuse our spent nuclear fuel and have a little bit less waste.

4. I was against the war in Iraq from the time it started and have always been skeptical of the war in Afghanistan. The fact is, I think that raising our troop levels in Afghanistan isn’t going to do any good. If anything, it already has done more harm. Now the Taliban are active in Pakistan, and I think that alot of the ground support that the Taliban are getting in Pakistan has to do with with the way that we are continuing to fight the war there – where civilian casualties are a way of life, as we try to fight a war from long distance. If the Taliban or other extremists do get control in Pakistan, then we are in trouble. Or rather, at the very least India is in trouble. Remember how Pakistan has nuclear weapons? Why don’t people seem more concerned about this?

5. I am mad that the Obama administration is making friendly overtures to the Sudanese government, responsible for genocide. I can’t even begin to explain how upset I am about this. I have previously stated that I can never fully be a President Clinton fan because of how he wilfully ignored what was going on in Rwanda. And now, we have the Obama administration talking about how they are going to normalize relations with a horrible, horrible government. Look, I can take you shaking hands and exchanging books with Hugo Chavez. I can handle you playing nice with the Castro brothers. While I think that these people are brutal dictators who really torture their political opponents (which I thought the Obama administration was against in our own country, but lately I am convinced, they are really just interested in creating a political show), I could take that, but GENOCIDE? Come on, Obama. Please stand up for something! I realize you are now suddenly afraid to use that word when you are in public (Remember your visit to Turkey?). But here we are, you are President. You are born of a Kenyan father. Why won’t you stand up for Africans? Why won’t you exert REAL diplomatic pressure, engage in real diplomacy by doing a little Chinese arm-twisting, talking to other states in the region, etc. Instead, your approach is to make nice with leaders indicted by the ICC Court for real war crimes. Let’s call it what it is – APPEASEMENT. Now don’t expect me to believe that you are sincere when your administration talks about prosecuting people for torture. That doesn’t have anything to do with a real commitment to human rights. That has to do with a real commitment to political expediency. Didn’t Samantha Power, who is in your administration, write the book on genocide? I realize, she is probably out on maternity leave, but that shouldn’t mean that a commitment to the issue also should be on vacation.

Perhaps I should leave it at that for now. I have worked myself up too much over #5, and now can’t think about anything else.

To be continued…

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