Amongst the Cherry Blossoms

It is that time of year again when middle schoolers and families on vacation from Wisconsin venture in to our nation’s capital to see the annual nature even known as the blooming of the Japanese Cherry Blossoms. To celebrate our first springtime in DC together, as well as our first year married, I took David on a Cherry Blossom cruise. Here is how we looked after boarding the ship, but before embarking:

But here is how we looked later on the same boat after embarking. It was a fairly windy day after all:

The cruise took us out the Washington channel and into the Potomac, which affords one exciting views of the planes taking off and landing at Reagan National Airport. According to some, they say that the approach into Reagan National for landing is the most dangerous in the commercial airline business. I am no pilot, but I know all of that banking left and right to follow the bends of the Potomac when I am landing always leaves me feeling slightly unsettled…

Once under the 14th Street bridges, the view of the cherry blossom splendor makes itself evident. Here it is surrounding the Jefferson Memorial:

And here it is highlighting the Washington Memorial:

After checking out the views of the cherry blossoms from a distance, we decided to get a closer look while on dry ground.

In the shade of the trees, we finally could take a couple of pictures without our sunglasses on. Our aging eyes need the protection when in direct sunlight.

There were plenty of tourists sharing the cherry blossoms with us, but it is DC.

My hair managed to make a full recovery from the wind…

To close, another shot of the Washington Monument peaking out from amongst the cherry blossoms.

The only ingredient missing from an otherwise perfect spring day is that Knightley wasn’t allowed to go on the boat cruise with us.

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