Vegetables or Paper?

One year ago last Saturday we were eating the lower layers of this delicious cake:

In fact, we were celebrating our wedding at our reception at Disney World. Some might question the tradition of freezing a cake and eating it one year later. However, in the case of this cake, it was a decision well worth it. The cake was as delicious as the day it was originally served. It had absolutely no freezer burn at all. My theory is that they double layer of fondant icing sealed the flavor inside and protected the cake from the harshness of the freezer. Unfortunately for me, David doesn’t really like sugar, so it was incumbent on me to eat the larger portion of the cake. So much for two weeks on the South Beach Diet.

David also gave me some white flowers, since all of our wedding and reception flowers were white. We had white tulips too.

Of course, gifts were exchanged. Even Knightley got in on the gift receiving action as he received a snazzy new crate that was larger in size.

I gave David the traditional first anniversary gift of an indoor vegetable garden. I know that he has been craving something to tend, and the opportunity to grow salad greens in the comfort of our own kitchen was too great to pass up.

David opted for the more traditional first anniversary gift of paper. He gave me a leather bound Family History book for me to complete. Knowing how much I love family history, this was an excellent gift.

Of course anniversaries also give you the opportunity to dress up and go somewhere nice.

In our case, we went to eat dinner at Bistro Bis on Capitol Hill. Apparently, on weeknights it is impossible to get reservations or a table, as it is a favorite of those people that work up on Capitol Hill, in articular those who inhabit the left side of the aisle (the right side prefers the more traditional Charlie Palmer Steak.

The food was pretty delicious, and worthy of its ranking in the Washingtonian Magazine.

A good evening was enjoyed by all (except Knightley, who spent the evening at home in his new crate).

Happy 1st David!
Next up: Our cruise of the Potomac to enjoy the Cherry Blossom Festival.

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