Mr. Knightley lives in Washington

This is where we live. Lately, each time I see this building (and I see it every day), I have to hold my arm back from raising it up and shaking my fist in anger. Today, was a lovely spring day, so instead, I chose to think of it as a lovely building, ignorant of the buffoons that fill its hallways.

Mr. Knightley is still getting to know the neighborhood. He finds himself more and more comfortable in his home surroundings every day.

But on a day like this, he wanted to get out to know the neighborhood better. So we started with a familiar location – his favorite park here in Capitol Hill, Stanton Park. We played a little ball game, because his favorite dog playmates were not there today.
And Knightley went about making himself fit in with the neighborhood business right away. Here he is offering stern looks to people who clearly are making light of a very important building.
Or here is is chasing some lobbyists who have pockets full of bacon, bringing home the pork.
He fits in right away and always is looking to network with other dogs on the Hill.
But when I reminded him of how much Congress has let us down recently, he had another reaction. After all, above all else, Knightley belongs to the party of Leslie, and said “Take that Congress!” by going number two on the sidewalk to the building. “That’s what you get for passing laws that are Bills of Attainder!!”

Having been reminded of the grim reality of what goes on up there on the Hill, Knightley is ready to walk home again, less naive and optimistic than he was before…

But Washington sure can be beautiful in the Spring!

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