Great Performances

Watching Paul Simon receive the inaugural Gershwin Award for Popular Song from the Library of Congress for the Second Time on PBS: My last post mentioned good memories associated with Phish concerts. Watching this TV special on Paul Simon and seeing so many great musicians play musical tribute takes me to such a happy place. I don’t care if I am the only person under 40 that feels the way I do about Paul Simon. His concert in Seattle was probably the best concert I have been to in the past five years. Take that the Arcade Fire.

Saturday Night, New York City Ballet, The Kennedy Center: It has been a long time since I have seen them live, since I lived in New York. And how I have missed them so. How I miss those memories of my own Balanchine dreams (Side note: When I think of Christ’s unconditional gift of a perfected resurrected body for us imperfect mortals, I imagine my great joy at having the physical capabilities of dancing Serenade or The Four Temperaments myself). So, a night spent with Chaconne and Vienna Waltzes is better spent to me than doing just about anything else. Bonus – Darci Kistler danced that night too. As I reminder, I last saw Darci (and Peter Martins) playing keep away in the pool at the Animal Kingdom Lodge at Disney World.

I am an old soul. All of my favorites are nearing retirement.

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