Recent movie thoughts

Slumdog Millionaire:
Likes: The way the host says “Millionaire”; the little Latika’s yellow dress; the fact that a series of horrible events can happen to people and they can still come out hopeful; generally, the use of music, a Danny Boyle signature.

Dislikes: That MIA song (have hated it since the first time I heard it on KEXP); the latrine scene.

Overall: I am glad that it won last night. It was probably the best movie that I saw last year, as it was one of the few that I actually liked that I was supposed to like.

Concerns: I am scared. If this portrayal of Richard Nixon bears any relationship to the real Richard Nixon, I am shockingly like him. I focus on dogs, not people, and I cannot stand making awkward/polite conversations with people at social functions.

Academy Awards:
This was the most self-congratulatory, over-the-top, “We Love ourselves” and have no problem showing how self-involved we are, and how much better we think that we are from the rest of America Academy Awards that I have ever seen. The individual “tributes” for each nominee made me want to puke each time. Seriously, we get it Hollywood – you love yourselves and think that you are single-handedly responsible for all of the good in the world with all of your borrowed jewels and pricey shoes.

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