To the Victors Go the Barbeque

I am behind by a few posts, so I am going to try to catch up some today.

After we came back to DC, we made a return trip to Mississippi because David got us tickets to see Utah in the Sugar Bowl. Mom watch Knightley when we were in DC for a couple of days, so when we returned to my parents house, he was excited to see us. And of course, David was excited to show off his Utah sweatshirt.
David went down to see his siblings in New Orleans and spend the night before the game with them. Dad and I drove down on the day of the game to take in the sights of over-zealous fans around the town. As impartial observers, unsure of where our allegiences lay, I determined that day that I would cheer for which ever team whose fans annoyed me the least.

Exhibit A: Alabama tailgating party. Aside from the Alabama’s fans limited vocabulary, consisting of two words only: “Roll” and “Tide”, the Alabama fans were a mere annoyance.Exhibit B: The Utah fans watching their teams’ buses leaving from the team hotel.

Exhibity C: Upping the annoyance quotient, here are some Utah fans who have decided to appropriate someone else’s hand signs for their team – namely, turning Texas’s “Hook ’em Horns”, into some bizarrely mis-shapen “U”. Exhibit D: This guy, at the far right of the picture. His wife/girlfriend’s hat might have a peace sign on it, but this guy didn’t have much peace in his heart at the start of the game. There were two Alabama fans in our section. At the start of the game, they were both standing, cheering for the Alabama band (which, let’s face it – was clearly superior to Utah’s band). This Utah man took the Alabama fans cheering for their band as such a personal insult that he felt compellled to unleash a string of explatives not rivaled by anyone else in the stadium. And I couldn’t be silent. I said, rather loudly, “I sure am thankful that I was raised in the South where we were taught to have manners.” He relented. To his credit, later in the game he actually apologized.Here is David’s brother Steven, David, and my dad from our vantage point.
And here is the obligatory shot of some game action.
Finally, the outcome was determined and Utah was the victor.

David was excited. I was as ambivalent about the outcome as I was thinking about who to cheer about going into the game.
The next day was David’s birthday. To celebrate, David had one request, that we go to Leatha’s Bar-b-que Inn in Hattiesburg, MS.

Check out that tailgating special. And note, how much food is meant only to feed 4-6 people…

David, following the rules of the house, ordered the Pork Ribs. You have too. They are the best ribs that I have ever tasted in my life.
I didn’t follow the rules. The ribs would have been too heavy for me on that day. I had the half chicken with cole slaw and potatoes instead. I didn’t regret that decision. The sauce really is what makes everything taste so much better.

Even though Dad is a seasoned veteran of Leatha’s bar-b-que, this was Mom’s first trip to Leathas.

Happy Birthday David!

One thought on “To the Victors Go the Barbeque

  1. *Cute* doggie!!! Drew, Maeby, and I can’t wait to meet him. Especially Maeby. She likes to share her doggie wisdom (and wrestling skills) with young, impressionable puppies. Hooray for small dogs!

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