Fire Jon Favreau Now!

This story came out over the weekend, but I am so disgusted, I wanted to post this now.

This 27 year old Frat jerk, who writes great words for Obama to speak needs to be fired by President-elect Obama now. This behavior is so offensive and certainly confirms that there are some incredibly disrespectful sexists among his closest advisors. Maybe Hillary can be quick to forgive, perhaps feeling that she has to since she is now a cabinet nominee, but for the sake of every other woman in America, Obama needs to clearly signify that this 27 year old’s behavior has no place in his administration. I don’t care if he was at a party, if he was drunk, whatever – the fact that this jerk thinks that he can act this way in any forum is evidence of his own inflated sense of self as well as his lack of respect for all women, much less a woman who is trying to serve this country.

And why isn’t there more of an outcry over this? The best CNN could muster is, “Obama Speechwriter Favreau Learns the Perils of Facebook,” as if somehow, it is Facebook’s fault that this guy is Misogynist in Chief.

2 thoughts on “Fire Jon Favreau Now!

  1. It is confusing. I should clarify – Jon Favreau, hilarious actor who plays wrestler brother of Vince Vaughn in Four Christmases most assuredly should not be fired. He is great.Jon Favreau, sexist frat boy/speech-writer for President Elect Obama – absolutely should be fired.

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