My Sister was a Beautiful Bride

Melissa was a beautiful bride for her wedding on October 24, 2008 to Jordan McInroe in Houston, TX. Here are just a few of my favorite shots from the day:
Melissa contemplating Jane Austen in her Josephine style Empire Waist Dress. I think any of the Bennet sisters couldn’t have been prouder. As my father himself exclaimed, “Two daughters married in a year!”I will be honest; I didn’t know much about this Jordan character prior to our trip to Texas. However, having finally met him, I feel some degree of assurance that he is a good person that will treat my beloved little sister well. Maybe it was just my opinion, but I thought that they seemed pretty happy.

Here is our ever growing family. My dad is probably pretty excited that there are some other men around.But aren’t the Street ladies so lovely?Here are Melissa and Jordan before the reception at The Woodlands Resort. Melissa’s hair looks so beautiful; once again, thanks to our cousin Danielle.Here are David and I excited to go for a delicious dinner and an excuse to dance like no one was watching (even though I am sure there were many watching in horror at our willingness to humiliate ourselves on the dance floor).The sign beckons us to the even.The scene is set for dinner.The cake is ready to be cut.
The hors d’ouevres are delicious.There even is the added bonus of seeing old friends like Alisa, who is now married with twins, but still one of the nicest people on the planet.
We have come a long way from falling asleep at night in our twin Strawberry Shortcake Canopy Beds.

Danielle looks lovely too.

Laughing at what is now a Street family wedding tradition – the exclamation “Amen, alright!” after the blessing on the food is said.
My favorite part, the anticipation of eating the cake.

Jordan may not dance, but I know Melissa is happy he favored her with at least one moment on the dance floor.Here are Mom and Dad on the dance floor. Maybe not noteworthy in and of itself, but considering that Mom had broken her foot earlier in the day in three places (though she wasn’t diagnosed with this until the next day), I would say that my Mom is one tough cookie.
In spite of the pain, Mom was still able to give her dance floor shout out. Hillary copied this campaign move from my mom, in seeing how genuine Mom can do the finger point shout out. Hillary decided to try it in her campaign.Melissa in her solo bubble dance spotlight. I have never seen a shy girl be so willing to become the center of attention.We bid farewell to the McInroes, who are now blinded from the soap from the bubbles.

Their golf cart takes them to many adventures ahead in life.

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