Get me away from this!

What do you do when you live in Washington DC and it is the weekend before a presidential election that you are so tired of hearing about that you swear that you will vomit the next time year hear either of the candidates’ names?

You go back to that happy time in American history when Presidents were not popularly elected. In other words, you take a trip to Mt. Vernon.

On the way there, you might be stopped and asked ridiculous questions like, “If George Washington was alive today, which presidential candidate do you think he would vote for?” by rightwing talk radio programs. You just have to do your best to ignore it and instead focus on the beautiful views.

It helps to think about a man who certainly was worthy beyond all others to serve as President; a man who was full of respect, dignity, and reverence for his role in the founding of this country. They don’t make them like you anymore, George.

Thank you for sharing your beloved home with us. It was a definite cure from democracy fatigue because it reminded me of how heartily you and others labored to make this country what it is. Sometimes my cynical self needs a reminder of that.

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