A Weekend at the Homestead

So how do you feel about the following….

Mountain Scenery
Long walks in the Virginia Woods
Attorneys from Sullivan and Cromwell
Big band dancing
Naturally heated spring water pools
Facials and massages
White people
Mildly helpful to extremely disinterested service
Equestrian activities
Falconry (I think we have covered this)
Golf shoes
American Clay Tennis Courts
Washington and Lee and University of Virginia graduates
Southern accented conversations of college football
Rocking chairs on Front porches (and an ample variety of seating)

If you answered to any of the above – I love those things! Then a visit to the Homestead in Hot Springs, VA might be in your future. Exhibit the following:

Make sure that you bring your argyle sweater!!

Exhibit the following variety of seating options:

Here we are all dressed up for dinner and dancing. Unfortunately, there was no dancing for us because our server was terrible and always kept us waiting at exactly the moments when the band was playing. It was all very bad timing. Still, we looked pretty great (even if David forgot his tie, almost causing us to be refused service at the restaurant for a violation of the dress code).

Ah yes, very civil indeed.

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