Deadly Deer Warning

I might worry too much, but I still think that it is good information to know. What is your likelihood of hitting a deer while driving? Well, State Farm has come out with its annual Deer Collision Report to answer that very question. I happened to think about this quite a bit when we were driving in the mountains this weekend.

The state where you are most likely to hit a deer: West Virginia where there is a 1 in 45 chance. The least likely state, Hawaii, where you only have a 1 in 10,962 chance of hitting a deer.

It is a serious issue – 150 people died last year hitting a deer, and total losses to property because of deer collisions totalled more than $1.1 billion dollars.

Here is a nice map of the risk by state.

I will get back to posting pictures of my weekend in the mountains in the next entry.

2 thoughts on “Deadly Deer Warning

  1. Well, we hit a deer a few months ago and we survived. Let’s hope that means we aren’t due for another deer encounter anytime soon. The deer we hit was in Pennsylvania.

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