That Recessionary Feeling

I have a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that I cannot shake. I am known for developing anxiety over all sorts of issues that are only peripherally related to my well-being. However, I think all Americans are anxious when it comes to the economy these days. And although I am not sure of my own personal feelings regarding a bailout for Wall Street, I feel very strongly that Washington needs to do something immediately. Congress has access to far greater economic experts than I do. But here is where the sick feeling comes in. I hope that I am wrong. I really, really hope that I am wrong. But here is what I am feeling like – that Democrats are not in any rush to come up with any sort of plan for Wall Street, because they are benefiting politically from Americans’ anxieties. They feel like that President Bush and the Republicans will get blamed by the American people which can only help their cause politically in November. And this is what frightens me – that people will put their own political fortunes before what is good for America. They see Barack Obama benefiting from people’s economic concerns, and maybe they don’t want to fix the economy, because that will persuade more people to vote for him in November. And I fear that they are willing to roll the dice with the economic well-being of Americans to do this. That scares me.

I consider myself a Democrat. So some might question, why do I think that the Democrats will be the ones to stymie any sort of plan for Wall Street and not the Republicans? Well, I think the Republicans, for their own political reasons, are extremely persuaded to do something for the economy right now. They know the writing is on the wall, so they need to do something.

Note: I am not concerned about any sort of discussion of fault right now. There is plenty of time for that discussion later, when we get the economy out of this precarious position. We then can decide who to blame for what is going on right now. What I am more concerned about right now is solutions and action to keep this country out of a repeat of the Great Depression. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think EITHER presidential candidate has the leadership skills or the knowledge required to dig us out of that, so I don’t think this is something that can be delayed with the idea that the next president can fix either bigger problems.

Sigh. I miss Hillary.

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