Donald doesn’t forgive me…

I have been really negligent of the blog lately. I haven’t posted anything about my actual move to D.C. I have been very busy moving in and adjusting to my new job. Things are going very well with D.C. and my job. Georgetown is a great place.

I will be better about blogging now that I am starting to feel more organized.

I do have to say this today, though. Last night David and I had our friends Suzanne and Drew over for dinner. For the first time ever in my life, I cooked a duck. To be precise I made Duck A L’Orange, but I combined a couple of different recipes, because I was nervous about cooking a duck. I read all of these warnings about how challenging it could be to roast a duck just right, and I ended up, based off of the advice of America’s Test Kitchen and Julia Child, steaming the duck first to melt alot of the fat before roasting and glazing it in the oven.

My menu for my first dinner party in DC:

Salade Nicoise

Duck a l’orange
Vichy carrots
Gratin Dauphinois

Apple Pandowdy with Vanilla Icecream

Thanks to Suz and Drew for being such willing guinea pigs in trying out this first attempt.

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