Bacteria can be Beautiful

People who know me know that I am obsessed with bacteria and viruses of all kind, usually of the infectious variety. However, when visiting Yellowstone on our cross-country drive from Seattle to DC, I also became fascinated with bacteria of the beautiful quality. Behold:

Here are some other scenes from our all too brief stay in Yellowstone:

I was impatient to wait for Old Faithful. We arrived shortly after she had erupted, and I tried to be patient and wait for her to blow again. But I couldn’t. However, we were treated to seeing the Behive Geyser erupt. And apparently, it only erupts once a day, and it actually erupts more steadily and higher in the air than Old Faithful does. So, I was satisfied.

I also really loved the lodge by Old Faithful (The Wilderness Lodge at Disney World is based on this lodge).

Unfortunately, these were the only bears that I saw:

But we did see other wildlife. There was a bison causing quite the traffic backup:

And in addition to the many deer and elk that we saw, we also this poor, solitary coyote. So misunderstood…

It was a beautiful day. And just think, it is all thanks to the potentially catastrophic volcanic activity taking place just beneath the surface of these wildflowers.

Supervolcanoes. Like bacteria, such beautiful things.

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