Coming Soon to a Public Restroom Near You

Dyson has now made my new favorite invention:

Not only do they make a mean vaccum cleaner, but now they have this amazing hand dryer to match. I will be honest, I never liked hand dryers. Nope. I much preferred the more environmentally unfriendly paper towel. However, mass distribution of the Dyson Airblade will certainly change my public bathroom hand drying habits. In fact, I might look into installing one of my own in my own home bathroom.

Where did I discover this invention? Well, it was at the AALL conference in Portland. The Oregon Convention Center had exactly one installed. And let me tell you, that particular bathroom was the most highly used bathroom in the entire venue. And let me also tell you, that the hand dryer was the talk of the conference.

I was so impressed with this marvel of European design and craftsmanship, that when I went to the new AMC Theaters in Tukwila on Friday to see The Dark Night, I literally leapt for joy when I saw that they too had installed these hand dryers. Only they spared no expense and installed multiple ones. And let me tell you, I heard the clamour in the audience at The Dark Night. They couldn’t stop talking about these hand dryers either.

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