Mail Problem Solved!

Well, I figured out the mail mystery. When we didn’t get mail either of the past two days, I finally went to the post office. What I discovered is the following:

Last month, when David and I went to the Azores, we asked the post office to hold our mail. Only they didn’t. So, the post office employee told me that the hold mail request was supposed to be from 7/10 – 7/18 (We were in the Azores 6/10 – 6/18). However, she couldn’t explain to me why the mail actually was being held from 7/3-7/10 (since yesterday, when I went to the Post Office, it was only 7/10).

Anyway, she took the hold off, and I picked up the huge stack of mail and now do not have to worry about someone stealing my identity, at least for the present.

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